Great Britain flag icon  Tender is the Night

 F. Scott Fitzgerald

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F. Scott Fitzgerald is considered as one of the most outstanding writers of all times. The author had a relatively short but profilic life. 'Tender is the Night' was his fourth and last finished novel. The story is simple but many people can relate to it. A young actress Rosemary travels to the French Riviera with her mother. They meet lots of extraordinary people there. Rosemary is especially impressed by Dick and Nicole Divers. They live in a luxurious house and like accepting numerous visitors. The Divers seem to be a perfect couple. But nobody knows what hardships they have to deal with. Nicole has a mental illness. This character was inspired by the wife of the writer. She also suffered from a psychiatric disorder. When Dick and Rosemary realise their feelings towards each other, a love triangle forms.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 3065 Total words: 36953

Hard words: topsy, luminol, pretending, stopping, peignoir, resented, sounded, jeweller, pursued, awaited, sniffling, drifted, funicular, interpreted, kleptomania, blamed, hurrying, surrounded, wondering, attacked, dehumanized, insulted, abstractedly, armour, parents, replaced, tended, pederast, tommy, practising