Great Britain flag icon  The Accidental Tourist

 Anne Tyler

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Here is one of the most popular novels of this writer. This is a family story about relationship difficulties and conflicts between men and women in the family. The book tells the reader about the eternal attempts to find your way in life and the fact that it often turns out to be meaningless. One of the main characters is Macon. He is a little over forty. He is very pedantic and keeps things under control, even at home. Macon writes guides but he hates travelling. His books have detailed instructions on how to feel comfortable on any trip. How to protect your inner world from the interventions of strangers. Some time ago Macon lost his son. This changed the life of the man greatly. His marriage gradually falls apart and turns into nothing. The drama of one person will not leave the reader indifferent.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2285 Total words: 22213

Hard words: remarried, encircled, blaming, untidiness, heeled, nightclothes, purposefulness, unlikable, edged, notepaper, bush, tinned, sissy, weeding, chewed, tine, suppertime, forcing, summery, daybed, narrowness, chambermaid, accusingly, goody, unthinking, excitable, meow, frizzy.