Great Britain flag icon  The African Queen

 C. S. Forester

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The novel takes place at the very beginning of the First World War. There is a big German colony located in East Africa. News travels there slowly. But even there everybody learns that Germany entered the war. Colonists understand that they must follow the example of their country. They destroy the British, led by a priest. The priest dies but manages to help his sister escape. He sends the woman away from danger. The boat 'African Queen' takes her away from the Nazis. The gloomy and silent Charlie Allnut commands this small boat. It can seem that the main mission has been completed - the woman is out of danger, as her brother wanted. But she has got completely different plans. She desires not only to take revenge on the murderers of her brother, but also to help England win the war.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1863 Total words: 21256

Hard words: stopping, sounded, detonating, pushed, flattish, northwards, blimey, noticing, queen, blamed, surrounded, hesitatingly, refused, avoided, parents, clearness, disliked, confusedly, liked, grey, questioned, untied, moved, passed, bringing, awfulness, achieved, anchored, mending, carried