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 John Escott

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The passenger who got off the boat looked like an ordinary man. He did not stand out among the others. It was difficult to guess that he had a gun in his pocket. It was even more difficult to assume that he was one of the smartest people in Europe. Valentine was one of the most famous detectives on the planet. He was also a French policeman. This man arrived in London to arrest an elusive villain. The police officers from three countries chased Flambeau, but no one could catch him. The culprit was smart and confident. He could change either appearance or clothes. The only thing that Flambeau could not change was his tall stature. This was Valentine's main lead. And he was sure only of the fact that the criminal did not sail with him on the boat. But he could be hiding in any other place and Valentine intended to find him at any cost.

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Hard words: shilling, jeweled, rue, politeness, nuts, silvery, centimeter, lifting, railway, bill, parcel, stain, umbrella, fourteen, waiter, excite, taxi, goodness, silently, bang, thief, clever, policeman, beard, calm, detective, hurry, inspector, gentle, clue, continued.