Great Britain flag icon  The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep

 Foreman Peter

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Max has been an unusual boy since early childhood. Now, when the boy is a grown up, his case is considered to be really unique. He doesn't need sleep like other people. In fact, Max can stay awake for about 20 hours every day without feeling tired. But his parents are worried that lack of sleep can influence his health in a bad way. They just want their son to be a normal kid. To their disappointment, the doctor confirms their fears. He says that the condition is serious and the boy can die before he is forty. Max is given a choice: he either takes special drugs to sleep like all the others or he keeps on living the same way at the risk of dying young. The boy decides to enjoy his life as it is and hope for the better. He lives happily until the betrayal of his beloved person changes everything.

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Hard words: diurnal, etcetera, hyperactive, neurologist, nocturnal, overdose, mutant, stupidity, candlelight, addictive, interviewer, sleepy, daytime, gossip, probable, alpha, noisy, obsessed, darling, packet, renewed, addict, amazed, bored, fascinate, terrify, eternal, furious, frighten.