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 F. Anstey

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Horace Ventimore was a young architect. His cherished dream was to marry his girlfriend Sylvia. He loved her with all his heart. But Horace had neither money nor work. Sylvia's father and mother had no wish to let his daughter marry a poor man without work. The young architect was very sad. He was clever, energetic and talented, but he had no clients. Days passed. Horace sat in his office and nobody asked him to build a house. But once Sylvia's father came with a sudden request. He wanted Horace to buy some Oriental things for him. Horace was surprised and disappointed. He knew nothing about Oriental culture. The young man wanted to refuse, but he wanted to pleasure Sylvia's father. So he agreed.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1880 Total words: 33639

Hard words: fined, queen, refused, unkindness, parents, seizing, disliked, quadruped, smelling, liked, answered, grey, overheard, moved, passed, cosy, bringing, addressed, struck, slipping, obliged, underclothes, carried, worst, discovered, worked, punished, murmured, honour, parted