USA flag icon  The Breathing Method

 Stephen King

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This story is of one of the most famous writers in the horror genre Stephen King. "The method of breathing" was first published in the storybook "Different Seasons" in 1982. Each story in this book is related to one of the seasons. "The method of breathing" is a winter fairy tale. The story consists of three parts and tells about the old Mr. Eldie, who comes to a mysterious nameless club. He tries to find out the secrets of the institution. Mr. Eldie tries not to interfere much and not make it dangerous for his life. He has been coming there for 10 years. Old gentlemen gather in the club and tell stories. The motto of the club is "A secret in history, not in the narrator". Every Tuesday, the visitors tell special stories - about the supernatural. Later, the main character finds many books of non-existent writers in the library of the club. He understands that this mysterious place can really be dangerous.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 3687 Total words: 23646

Hard words: strobing, subverted, eagle, pearl, kindliness, sawbones, concocted, bastardy, pacing, reiterated, subsided, wilful, sonorously, interpreted, frenziedly, imperturbably, folderol, fumbled, queerly, capful, precognitive, undermined, strumpet, charting, trollop, easiness, uncarpeted, chagrined, underestimated, darkish.