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 Somerset Maugham

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This man has been suffering from the absence of free time for many years. He cannot spend even a single extra minute on himself. Most of people try a variety of hobbies. Someone likes riding horses, others are more into playing cards or tennis. There are also fans of swimming in the river and sunbathing. But this is not about the main character of this story. He has been dreaming of a day when he will be able just to sit and do nothing for hours. Time is the most valuable human resource. It is much more expensive than money. So wasting time is the greatest mistake. Even kings cannot afford this. Cleopatra dissolved a priceless pearl in wine and he will dissolve his time. Will he succeed in this strange desire?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 605 Total words: 2125

Hard words: stopping, surrounded, refused, moved, passed, backed, tearing, circled, brushed, worked, singlet, wretchedness, offal, rested, exhibited, sunk, lit, held, stepped, examined, attracted, perched, turned, recalled, tied, siesta, alms, disappeared, remembered, cupola