Great Britain flag icon  The Butler Did It

 Bill Bowler

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James works as a butler. Now he is getting the table ready for dinner. Suddenly there is a loud phone call. The man stops work and picks up the receiver. This is Mr Henry Fletcher, the master of the house. He asks to find his wife and bring her to the phone. Henry is sure that his wife has a lover. But he has no evidence. So now the husband is trying to learn the truth. The butler goes through the house and finds his master's wife. But Mrs Fletcher can't answer at the moment. The woman is in the bathroom. She is really in the bathroom with a man. Henry is shocked. He asks the butler to go to his room. There is a box with a gun under the bed. Now Henry asks James to take the weapon, go to the bathroom and shoot both the woman and her lover.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 223 Total words: 1542

Hard words: putting, looking, plumber, aha, speaking, going, sitting, listening, singing, smiling, don, haven, goodbye, making, swimming, fascinating, bless, pleased, boyfriend, dining, exciting, introduction, net, working, lover, found, quietly, bathroom, hello, sir