Great Britain flag icon  The Butterfly That Stamped

 Rudyard Kipling

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This is a fascinating story of how one moth stamped its foot and the palace of Suleiman-bin-Daoud disappeared. It also tells how selfless help to another can find the solution of a difficult task. The great and wise King Suleiman-bin-Daoud had nine hundred and ninety-nine wives. Some of the wives often quarrelled together. The King did not like it. When they quarrelled too much, he walked in the garden. The great King understood what animals, insects, birds and fishes said. He understood everything. One day he was walking in the garden. He heard the conversation of two Butterflies. One Butterfly said that if he stamped with its foot, the palace and the garden would disappear. The King was interested. He decided to prove that the Butterfly really could do this.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 497 Total words: 3154

Hard words: queen, moved, lord, quarrelsome, camphor, shouted, mousy, held, stamping, worse, understood, taught, turned, disappeared, decided, played, saved, bothersome, stopped, shouting, whispered, tried, sweetener, stamped, pomegranate, laughing, looking, spoke, wanted, quarrel