Great Britain flag icon  The Cat That Walked by Himself

 Rudyard Kipling

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This is a story about a cat who liked to walk wherever he wanted. Everything happened at those times when the animals were wild. They lived separately from people. The man was also wild. But he met the woman. She found a nice dry cave and made it their house. They were happy there. One evening the wild dog came to the cave. The woman promised the dog tasty bones for guarding her cave. Later the wild cow and the wild horse also came. She promised fresh grass to the cow and the horse for fresh milk and help with the housework. The cat watched it. He also wanted to be near fire and drink warm milk. Still the cat wanted to walk by himself as usual. The woman did not need such an animal. She needed useful animals. So she made a bargain with the cat.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 488 Total words: 4059

Hard words: moved, carried, lit, touched, watching, tied, returned, smelt, caught, whorl, remembered, played, dropped, hung, milking, spindle, hatchet, fell, tried, stamped, purr, waving, spinning, felt, hush, giver, gathered, spoken, axe, tame