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 Roald Dahl

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The petrol was not sold all day, but the gas station worked. The protagonist of the book and his friends were sitting at the table and consulting. They were studying the plans and preparing for the evening. Soon the day came to the end. The men went outside, closing all the gasoline pumps. The friends asked Gordon to take off his bright yellow sweater. Under the moonlight, it would shine very brightly and they would definitely be noticed. Gordon argued for some time, but then he agreed. After all, the mission was too serious. The men put on dark sweaters, trousers and hats. They would go to prison if they made a mistake in their plan. They were going to become poachers. The men decided to get into the protected area to begin the hunt. Otherwise they would not be able to get a pheasant.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1025 Total words: 6107

Hard words: pram, glancing, horsehair, unexplainable, windless, laying, lorry, tapping, poached, petrol, offence, shoo, vicar, hazel, darkening, shadowed, rooted, rolled, sh, poacher, lying, unwind, pheasant, madly, poach, purposeful, fright, sill, impersonal, uphill, jack.