Great Britain flag icon  The Charm

 Jan Carew

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People usually said about the main character of this book that he was a brave man and he was never afraid of anything. They were wrong. He really was brave, but he knew what fear was, like other people. He had a very important job and even colleagues did not know what kind of man he had been before. In his youth, he was very shy and was afraid to talk to strangers. Especially if they were women. He was sure that they would laugh at him. But at that time the war began and he had to defend the country. He was afraid, like others. But he thought that the rest of the soldiers were very brave and laughed at him. He had no friends at all in those years, and he felt terrible. But one day he went home for a week and helped the old man cross the road when all the other people passed by. His life was changed after that.

 Tags:   war  holiday  fight

Text Analysis: Unique words: 215 Total words: 833

Hard words: yon, grind, brave, charm, shy, ill, round, jacket, coat, shout, sad, holiday, everywhere, bridge, strange, dangerous, afraid, slowly, easily, am, front, soldier, suddenly, forget, laugh, pretty, happy, dead, near, fine, past.