Great Britain flag icon  The Clarion Call

 O. Henry

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One part of this story can be found in the chronicles of New York city. Another part you can read in the local newspapers. Millionaire Mr. Norcross was killed in his own apartment. Two weeks later, Detective Barney Woods meets a killer named Kernan while strolling along Broadway. He offers to find a pleasant place and and to talk quietly. The men find a quiet table in the corner. It is late afternoon and there are practically no visitors. Kernan smiles. He is well dressed and confident. Barney Woods is pale. He is in a cheap business suit. "Why did you kill Norcross?" The detective asked. Kernan is surprised, as he is sure that he did not leave a trace. The detective grabs the gun. "Get your gun out and I'll tell you everything," Kernan promises. The killer reveals the unexpected truth.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 416 Total words: 1314

Hard words: clarion, irritated, nightgown, waking, burglar, confidently, crank, arrogant, admiration, millionaire, scoop, necklace, vicious, cafe, foolish, suitcase, mining, furious, waiter, tease, murderer, clever, boring, charm, notebook, pencil, rival, booth, diamond, detective.