Great Britain flag icon  The Count and the wedding guest

 O. Henry

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A new lodger appears in the boarding house where Andy Donovan lives. The landlady of the house introduces Miss Conway to everyone. Miss Conway is an inconspicuous girl in a brown dress. After two weeks Andy meets Miss Conway again. But this time she is in a black dress. This mourning dress suits her well. Her bright gold hair, grey eyes and a sad face make her lovely. Andy speaks to Miss Conway. He invites the girl for a walk. She tells him her sad story and shows a photograph of her fiance. Her fiance died. After this walk, young people often spend time together. In a month they announce that they want to get married. Will these memories of a dead fiance become a barrier to the happiness of the young couple?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 369 Total words: 1532

Hard words: grey, passed, turned, tearfully, locket, becoming, decided, opened, dropped, uninteresting, introduced, landlady, agreed, studied, gondola, paying, looking, wanted, fiance, learned, pleasantly, taking, losing, mourning, said, dresser, boarding, sitting, finished, strangely