Great Britain flag icon  The Death of Karen Silkwood

 Joyce Hannam

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The book is based on a true story that took place in Oklahoma in1970s. Karen leaves her position of a secretary and finds a new job at one nuclear factory. The salary is good and the job is interesting. Karen makes many new friends and finds a boyfriend. She really likes the job. But everything changes when one evening the alarm system activates. A special scanner detects radioactive dust on her best friend's hands. As time passes, cases of radiation exposure become more and more frequent. Despite the danger, Karen refuses to leave the job. On the contrary, she decides to change the factory for the better. The factory managers desperately prevent her from finding evidence against them. The girl encounters many obstacles on her way until her death in a suspicious car accident.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 683 Total words: 5367

Hard words: rook, showering, lying, fridge, bob, scanner, radioactive, uranium, daytime, photographic, underneath, grind, silently, thief, brave, sack, notebook, eleven, lonely, pizza, envelope, forty, driving, alarm, sandwich, corridor, midnight, shine, boyfriend, dear.