Great Britain flag icon  The Eighth Sister

 Victoria Heward

1806    136    9    5    29

Helen, her mother Julia and stepfather Bob lived in a small cozy cottage in Hollybrook. Helen attended not only school, but also the swimming pool and piano lessons. Her life was ordinary and comfortable. One day, after work her mother Julia went to the supermarket. Suddenly she noticed a new antique store. The store was full of old beautiful things: lamps, vases, clocks, little statues and much more. The woman couldn't pass it. She went into this store. Julia noticed one interesting thing. A few hours later, when Helen returned after school, she noticed a new painting on the wall. Back then, the girl didn't know that this painting would be the beginning of a very strange period in her life.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1154 Total words: 9136

Hard words: recognised, sounded, pushed, organised, hurrying, surrounded, parents, cursing, liked, ruby, answered, ignored, moved, passed, nastily, delivered, bush, chatting, worked, pretended, staring, rushed, picked, protecting, kept, shouted, explained, held, stepped, shivering