Great Britain flag icon  The Elephant's Child

 Rudyard Kipling

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Did you know that elephants used to have no trunks? It is true. Their noses were small. They could not lift anything. This story is about a Elephant's child who lived in Africa. He was very curious. He wanted to know everything. Because of this, the Elephant's child often got punishments from aunts and uncles.He asked his aunt the Ostrich why the feathers on her tail grew just so. He asked his uncle the Giraffe why he had spots on his neck. The Elephant's child wanted to know why his aunt the Hippopotamus had red eyes. All Africa knew this kid. Once he wanted to know what the crocodiles have for dinner. So the Elephant's child went to the river. Do you think a nose can grow out of curiosity if you stick it anywhere?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 573 Total words: 3301

Hard words: stopping, sloshing, hurrying, grey, slipping, plucked, bush, pachyderm, uncoiled, blackish, picked, kept, hippopotamus, shouted, allowed, slushy, limpid, stepped, precession, touched, pulling, spanking, turned, musky, smelt, caught, slop, coloured, helped, pulled