Great Britain flag icon  The Emperor's New Clothes

 Hans Andersen

12002    708    577    58    3     7

This is a story about an emperor. This man loved new and nice clothes. He changed clothes every few hours. He always had a separate suit for the morning, afternoon and evening. One day two men came to the emperor. These people loved money, but they did not like to work. Still they often made a lot of money. The men offered to make a beautiful cloth for the emperor. But only clever people would see this cloth. The ruler believed them. He paid a lot of money. The men came once more and got even more money. The emperor waited and waited. After all, he really wanted to get a beautiful suit made of this magic cloth. But the ruler was a little bit afraid. What if he was not clever enough? That is why he did not visit the two men.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 219 Total words: 1177

Hard words: liked, touched, nearer, spoke, wanted, called, said, saw, trousers, emperor, loved, don, repeated, clever, happily, palace, fascinating, servant, cloth, lovely, exciting, net, working, stupid, round, english, shirt, angry, reading, quiet