Great Britain flag icon  The Extraordinary Miss Sunshine

 Jane Cammack

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Not every person's childhood is very happy. Not always school is a carefree period. Alice May moves to another city with her parents. An eleven-year-old girl is excited. But she faces bullying in her new school. Alice doesn't want to tell her parents about this. If her father speaks to the teachers, the situation will get worse. She is not the only child in this situation. A group of teenagers doesn't like those children who are clever and always do their homework. They think only bad children are cool. But one day everything changes. A new music teacher appears in this school. This is Miss Sunshine. She is different from the other teachers. Her attitude and methods of work are very interesting.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 946 Total words: 5945

Hard words: pushed, surrounded, parents, practising, maths, ruby, moved, aeroplane, designed, squashed, ukulele, watching, worse, humming, mindfulness, sold, practise, stressed, sending, scrabble, saved, needed, shouting, wearing, trying, created, shaking, laughing, fudge, stutter