Great Britain flag icon  The Fir Tree

 Hans Christian Andersen

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On the outskirts of a small village there was a beautiful forest. There were lots of different trees in it. Among them lived a little Fir. He liked the place where he lived because there was a lot of sun and air. He also liked the other trees around him. Fir didn't like only one thing. He didn't like being a small tree. He always wanted to be big. Huge, as the biggest tree in the forest. It was his cherished dream. Year passed after year. He got bigger and bigger. It wasn't long before Fir's dream would come true. But one day Fir heard strange sounds. Suddenly some men with saws appeared in the forest. He didn't know them. Who are they? Why are they in the forest? And what happens to the trees they take with them?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 393 Total words: 2127

Hard words: pushed, answered, ignored, passed, discovered, picked, tumbled, watching, dressed, pulled, opened, joyfully, admired, hung, stopped, fell, landed, ouch, lying, felt, stairs, burned, elegantly, squeak, wasted, wanted, mast, separated, axe, whack