Great Britain flag icon  The Fly

 John Escott

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Bob Brown is a brilliant scientist. He has invented a real transmitter of matter. To put it simply, it is a working portal that can transfer objects and people from one place to another. In one part of this device an object disintegrates into molecules. In the other one it is assembled again. As a man of science, Bob Brown decides to test the device on himself. It works perfectly, except for one nuance. An ordinary fly gets into the device together with the inventor. It leads to dire consequences. The scientist's genetic code changes. He begins to acquire some abilities of a fly. At the very beginning, he even likes such changes. But over time Bob realizes that he is gradually losing his human appearance.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1207 Total words: 9306

Hard words: pretending, pushed, disintegrated, refused, overcoming, hugeness, replaced, seizing, proved, liked, transmitting, answered, grey, questioned, moved, investigated, carried, worst, discovered, worked, believing, staring, rushed, picked, lit, catching, shouted, pushing, informing, allowed