Great Britain flag icon  The Ghosts of Izieu

 James Watson

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The young English girl Elise was spending her holidays in France. She was very annoyed by her father's new wife. She felt tedium in the hot and dusty French countryside. Elise's father wanted her to share his interest in the local history. But his daughter was not very excited by his enthusiastic ideas. Later she started to see children's ghosts from another time. Elise met a strange boy Stefan. This boy seemed to be very afraid of something in the town. One day she tried to hide from the heat in a cool local church and got into the past. There she found Jewish children who had been trying to hide from Gestapo. What can a little girl do to help the poor Jewish children escape from Gestapo? At the same time, Elise must stay alive.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1075 Total words: 8610

Hard words: carol, lorry, passe, stepdaughter, gravestone, windowles steeply, surname, mu nervousnes stepmother, seaside, tar, kindly, watchdog, scientifically, unhealthy, helper, farmhouse, moonlight, pardon, ache, kindnes madame, climbing, pity, strangely, hillside