Great Britain flag icon  The Girl with Green Eyes

 John Escott

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Greg works at the Shepton Hotel in New York. Opposite the hotel there is a small cozy coffee shop. After work Greg always has a usual glass of favourite coffee there. Every day he sees a beautiful girl with green eyes there. One day the man sits next to her. The girl tells him her name is Cassie. Suddenly she asks for help. Cassie is an artist. Her stepfather has her sketch books. He refuses to give them. So the girl wants them back. Now her stepfather is staying at the Shepton hotel. Greg sees nothing wrong with this and agrees to help. Soon Cassie gets all the sketches. She is happy. The next day, the police arrive at Greg's apartment. They want to talk to him. Greg realises he has got serious troubles.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 319 Total words: 2560

Hard words: staying, arriving, stepdaughter, leaving, looking, speaking, going, finishing, stepfather, dolphin, pier, sitting, talking, cleaner, smiling, don, cleaning, waiting, subway, sketch, policeman, coming, fascinating, wow, uniform, exciting, net, clock, hello, twenty