Great Britain flag icon  The Goose Girl

 Sue Arengo

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Once upon a time there was a queen. She had one beautiful daughter. The queen loved her girl very much. But the day came for the princess to marry a prince. The queen gave her daughter many beautiful dresses, a gold cup and other things. She also gave her a magic horse and a handkerchief with three drops of her blood. The princess put this handkerchief inside her dress. It was time to go. The princess rode on a grey horse together with a maid. The maid was angry. She wanted to be the princess. So she took the beautiful dresses, the gold cup and the horse. The sly maid rode on the magic horse. The princess rode on the old grey horse. Finally they arrived. The fake princess was taken to the palace and her maid became a goose girl.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 297 Total words: 2102

Hard words: queen, liked, answered, grey, brushed, needed, fell, spoke, mmm, going, thirsty, cupboard, said, handkerchief, angrily, saw, loved, don, maid, castle, meadow, goodbye, goose, bride, coin, fascinating, magic, brush, exciting, net