Great Britain flag icon  The Housewife Spy

 Clare Gray

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Odette was born in the north of France in 1912. During the First World War, her mother gave housing to some British soldiers for free. The girl saw a good example of a strong woman since childhood and this greattly affected her future life. Odette moved to England in 1931 as her husband was English. When World War II began , Odette told the family that she wanted to become a military nurse. But it was a lie. In fact, she became a spy. This is a story about a brave woman who wanted to be useful, like her mother. But her work turned out to be much more important and dangerous. A young spy risked her life and got into very dangerous situations. She managed to make a significant contribution. Not everyone can endure such ordeals as Odette.

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Hard words: frenchwoman, hairstyle, hopelessness, racing, housewife, selfish, proudly, shave, goodbye, loving, silently, hopeful, brave, spy, colorful, passing, calm, courtroom, lonely, offering, handsome, driving, cloth, shine, uncle, courage, continued, painful.