Great Britain flag icon  The Hundred and One Dalmatin

 Dobie Smith

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The Walt Disney Studio made several cartoons and a famous movie based on this book. This novel by a famous English writer tells the story of the Dalmatian dogs and their adventures. Even the youngest readers will like it. A good tale teaches morality in a simple and affordable way. The author accurately shows the feelings and the thoughts of the dogs. The characters show many emotions in different situations. Friendship and understanding reign between the dogs. They do not know what vileness or narcissism are. This feature distinquishes dogs from humans. The story takes place on Christmas Eve, so there are motives of a Christmas tale. Parents are looking for their children abducted by an evil rich woman. Can good conquer evil?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2106 Total words: 19483

Hard words: pretending, pricking, sounded, pushed, soiling, mistaking, toasting, thirstily, hurrying, surrounded, wondering, wagging, insulted, skinning, fancied, drilled, parents, slammed, sniffing, tommy, furrier, indistinctly, outlined, snapped, excused, embracing, corgi, liked, sneezing, ruby