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 Graeme Lay

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Every person deserves a chance in his life. Including the chance to get a good education. Even if it means that you have to live and study far away from home, family and loved ones. Tuaine is a young girl who came to study in New Zealand. The young student deeply misses her homeland which is far from there. It is an island in the South Sea, where the warm waters are as bright as the sky. In New Zealand the girl writes a diary. The readers will get the opportunity to look into it. Tuaine records all the events that happen to her. She also writes about her thoughts and feelings. The new place is not as warm as her native island. Here everything is so unusual and hostile. Every time Tuaine closes her eyes, she sees her own home and family.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 699 Total words: 3886

Hard words: queen, motorway, shoplifter, aunty, motorbike, schoolwork, rubbish, whiteness, lunchtime, lagoon, aged, lighter, polished, rainbow, daytime, detention, noisy, reef, seventeen, miserable, ashamed, fried, wool, frighten, shiny, thief, fare, cruel, supermarket.