Great Britain flag icon  The Judge's House

 Bram Stoker

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This is a story from a world famous writer who wrote a book about the first vampire in the world. A young lawyer named John Moore comes to a small town to prepare for the exams in a relaxed atmosphere. After spending one night in a hotel, he firmly decides to rent a big beautiful mansion to live in it. The hostess of the hotel warns the young man that this mansion has a bad reputation. A cruel judge had lived there before. Nowadays some mysterious ghosts live in this house. It is a bad idea to rent it. But John doesn’t believe in ghosts, and the house seems very comfortable. The young man moves to a new place but it is not possible to live peacefully. Everything begins with a huge rat, that comes to him at night. And then the events start evolving rapidly.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 818 Total words: 4847

Hard words: searchingly, squeaking, harmlessly, fireside, lamplight, pliable, devilish, firelight, unmoving, mercilessly, scratching, landlady, merciless, trembling, chewing, weakened, noose, drumming, uneasily, deafening, undisturbed, swinging, squeak, seaside, stormy, disturbed, gladly, wring, seventeenth, triumphant, deserted.