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 Deborah Meyers

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It happened in Scotland long ago. A man called Hamish lived by the sea with his wife. They had a small but cosy house. The couple was happy together. Hamish was a fisherman. Every day he went out to sea in his boat. The man usually caught a lot of fish. His wife sold it at the market. This money was enough for them. One day Hamish was out at sea. The fisherman pulled his net out of the water. The net was very heavy. He thought there was a lot of fish. But there was a big box inside. Hamish opened the box and found a little baby boy inside. He was surprised. But then he was glad. He and his wife had no children. The man brough the baby home. The couple decided to raise this child and their own. They called the boy Calum.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 442 Total words: 2814

Hard words: recognised, parents, liked, moved, hurting, bringing, worked, juggling, pulling, taught, blowing, sold, caught, spiked, pulled, opened, juggler, crossed, stopped, wearing, bye, fell, laughing, felt, stairs, looking, kissing, stormy, learned, cloudy