Great Britain flag icon  The Landlady

 Roald Dahl

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Billy was going from London by a slow train. It was in the afternoon. By evening, he had reached his destination. It was dark around, and the air was very cold. Billy stopped a lonely passer-by and asked if there was a cheap hotel nearby. He was advised to go to the nearest pub. There he could rent a room. The pub was about a kilometer from here. Billy had never been to this city before; he had no acquaintances there. But he arrived upon the instructions of the chief. The chief ordered to find a house and report back after that. Billy was less than eighteen years old, but he tried to act like an adult. He wanted to become a successful businessman, and they are all serious and always peppy. When he got to the pub, he saw that it was a very cozy place. The fire was burning in the fireplace. A dog was sleeping on the floor.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 742 Total words: 2821

Hard words: comfortingly, forcing, guesthouse, preserved, landlady, teacup, schoolboy, switching, lying, overcoat, briskly, unpack, saucer, welcoming, watery, pleasantly, ringing, parrot, connected, faintly, motionless, brisk, greedy, wonderfully, amazingly, stuffed, awfully, annoying, biscuit, splendid, harmless.