Great Britain flag icon  The Last Photo

 Bernard Smith

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It was a warm Saturday morning. Martin and his sister Pam decided to spend the whole day in Cambridge. They examined the beautiful old architecture of this place and took many photographs. Pam had a good camera. She liked taking pictures in her free time. Sometimes she managed to take very good pictures. Still, most of her photos were not so good. Then Martin would laugh at them. Around five in the evening, the brother and the sister wanted to go home. The day was long and they felt tired. Pam offered to take a picture of Martin again. He was jokingly horrified. Suddenly, a man with a large backpack got captured by the camera. Pam was upset, as the photo was spoiled. She did not know yet that this failure would be the beginning of a real adventure.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 231 Total words: 1202

Hard words: rook, putting, rucksack, looking, going, taking, camping, sunglasses, don, policeman, beard, pencil, fascinating, tent, exciting, net, clock, drawing, lucky, hat, tired, telephone, english, nose, angry, works, reading, yesterday, bus, shop