Great Britain flag icon  The Legend of the Unicorn

 Deborah Meyers

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These were the times of King Arthur - the most important years in the history of Albion. Rhiannon was twelve. This girl had bright red hair and green eyes. She lived with her parents in a village near one castle. Sir Brangwyn was the lord of the castle and the village. He was a fat greedy man. Everyone was afraid of him. He always wanted more money from the villagers. Rhiannon's father was Simon Grimstone. He was kind and brave. Simon helped many people in the village. He was not afraid of Sir Brangwyn. But one day Sir Brangwyn and his people came to Simon's house. The lord said that Simon had killed a deer in the forest. Such things were forbidden. Sir Brangwyn took Simon and his wife to the prison. Rhiannon stayed alone...

Text Analysis: Unique words: 404 Total words: 2798

Hard words: parents, liked, eats, lord, knight, turned, returned, decided, favourite, helped, stopped, unicorn, tried, hiding, laughing, felt, looking, mane, wanted, riding, going, taking, called, said, greedy, angrily, roast, orphan, sitting, saw