Great Britain flag icon  The Little Mermaid

 Hans Andersen

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In the middle of the sea the water is very blue. One can see through it. It seems that it is not water, but air. There is a real world under the water. There are many beautiful trees and plants. Fish swim in and out of them. There is also a big palace. The Sea King lives there. His wife died and left six daughters. The king loved his children. His old mother helped him to raise them. The children loved their father and grandmother. They were beautiful mermaid princesses. The youngest princess was the most beautiful: her eyes were as blue as the sea. Her face was as white as snow. But mermaids did not have legs. They had big fish tails. Sometimes the grandmother told stories to the princesses. Her stories were about the world, where people lived. At fifteen, the youngest mermaid finally saw this world.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 382 Total words: 3489

Hard words: liked, answered, touched, remembered, helped, opened, mermaid, fell, seawater, fifteenth, wanted, going, broke, called, said, saw, loved, singing, beautifully, don, waiting, sadly, haven, unhappy, palace, fascinating, ours, magic, lovely, ugly