Great Britain flag icon  The Lost Crowns of Anglia

 M. R. James

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Seaburgh is a small town by the sea on the east coast of England. The main character of this story went to this town for the weekend. He went with his old friend named Henry. There were only few visitors in Seaburgh that year. The two travellers stayed in one hotel. There was only one more guest. That guest was a tall young man. His name was Paxton. Paxton always looked unhappy. One evening he joined the two travellers. Paxton was very worried. He only asked them to listen to him. The man really wanted to tell something important. Once Paxton was in a town nearby. There, in an old church, he met a priest. The priest told Paxton a story. That story bothered the man very much. Paxton realised he needed advice.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 481 Total words: 2383

Hard words: answered, moved, dug, staying, held, pulling, watching, turned, sold, disappeared, becoming, dressed, churchyard, seconds, opened, bookshop, wrapped, stopped, wearing, gravestone, unwrapped, washed, waving, felt, looking, spoke, murdered, guarded, spade, buried