Great Britain flag icon  The Lost Phoebe

 Th. Dreiser

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Henry and Phoebe loved each other. They were middle - aged people and lived together for many years. They were farmers. Their whole world was a field of harvest, fruit trees and a large yard with pets and birds. Everything else was far away, which meant it was not very important. The moon and the stars look beautiful, but they are so far away that they do not affect the life of an ordinary person. Henry and Phoebe lived happily. The spouses often quarreled, like any couple. The wife threatened to leave Henry, but he understood it was not serious. He was never afraid that Phoebe would leave. But he was afraid of death. Once Phoebe fell ill, and then died. She was buried in the spring. Henry was left alone. The neighbors invited him to live with them, but Henry did not want to go far from the place where his wife rested.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 347 Total words: 1205

Hard words: pall, hush, cornfield, moonlight, sleepy, dodge, satisfied, awake, backyard, seventh, sharply, happiness, shine, worried, grain, asleep, pipe, surprising, friendly, gently, moon, inner, corn, silver, coat, joke, hello, weak, gate, tired, bedroom.