Great Britain flag icon  The Love of King

 Peter Dainty

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King George the Fifth was the father of Prince Edward. The King was a calm and emotionless person. He did not like children. He would often say that his son was very noisy. His wife agreed. She would say it was not so important whether the child was happy. It should be strong and quiet. The family lived in a huge palace: there were about six hundred rooms - dozens of dining rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and cozy living rooms. Later, Edward would tell many stories about this house. The estate was so big that people could easily get lost in it. One evening he was sitting at the table with his mother and father - they were waiting for dinner. They had been waiting for a long time. The King got angry and went to the cook. But the cooks said the food had already been sent to them. It turned out the maid could not find the right room.

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