Great Britain flag icon  The Man with the Scar

 Somerset Maugham

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This man attracted attention due to his scar. This scar looked strange on his broad and good-natured face. This was clearly the sign of a stab of knife or saber. The man was tall and looked powerful. Despite such a frightening appearance, he led a quite life. The man often visited different pubs and offered lottery tickets for sale. They were rarely bought, but he continued his business. In such bars he was regularly offered a drink. The man never refused. He was often in a drunken state. It seems he was never completely sober. They said he was a refugee from Nicaragua. He was clearly a villain and a robber. Still the man did not bother anyone and did not break the law. Some people believed that he was a general who led the rebellion, but failed.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 471 Total words: 1614

Hard words: stabbed, awaited, refused, liked, grey, passed, honour, seized, emptied, lit, indicated, held, watching, ruffian, worse, loveliness, turned, kneeling, translated, sombrero, rose, taken, caught, laid, facing, crossed, stopped, dyed, pressed, keeping