Great Britain flag icon  The Man with Three Names

 John Escott

12145    1668    623    136    14

The man is very tired. His eyes are hurting terribly after two hours of driving through thick snow. Outside there is a dark winter night without the moon and stars. For many meters around, only snow is visible. He thinks he will not be able to get to the right place this evening. On the hill the man presses the brakes, but the car does not slow down. He screams, but the car has already crashed into a tree and stopped. The man hurts his face, blood flowing from the nose. When the driver realizes he has not received severe injuries, he goes outside. The snow immediately covers his clothes. It is a quarter past eight. What can he do? There are only trees around. Suddenly the man sees the light between the trees. It looks like a hotel. The driver heads there.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 582 Total words: 4954

Hard words: answered, grey, sketchpad, staying, carried, picked, stole, shouted, pushing, explained, explaining, barman, watching, worse, taught, turned, remembered, decided, dressed, opened, dropped, needed, stopped, wearing, bye, shaved, hurried, fell, shh, knocking