Great Britain flag icon  The Million Pound Bank Note

 Mark Twain

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An ordinary official worker suddenly appeared in foreign country only with one dollar in a pocket. When he spent his money at first day, he became an absolutely beggar. But his destiny wasn’t to die from hunger. Two very rich brothers had an agreement: can someone live a month with one unique note of five million pounds or not? They proposed poor foreigner to take park at such experiment and to find out a truth. A hungry and tired man did not understand the proposal clearly, but when he heard word money – he agreed. He took an envelope with banknote and rushed to the nearest cafe. He ordered a lot of meal, but when he opened the envelope, he understand that he could not pay…

Text Analysis: Unique words: 692 Total words: 3827

Hard words: transaction, starve, hurt, faint, speechles apologized, cricket, hockey, polo, lottery, hurried, awful, signature, bill, asylu tailor, trouble, millionaire, elegant, measure, customer, luxury, ambassador, credit, duke, duches earl, countes viscount, steak, celebrity, precedence, cribbage, marvelou scared, guarantee, certificate, astonishing, deposit, lap, amazed, cashed, valuable