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 Wilkie Collins

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'The Moonstone' is a remarkable book written by Willkie Collins. It is considered to be the first detective novel. It has an interesting structure. Five witnesses in turn to tell their version of the events. The unusual story takes place in England in the 19th century. Colonel Herncastle served in India and stole a diamond from the statue of an Indian god. The legend says that three priests guard the diamond and follow it wherever it goes. So nobody can own it without getting into trouble. In his will Colonel Herncastle left the diamond to his niece Rachel. She receives it on her birthday. But the following day the diamond is gone. All the people who visited her house the night before are suspects now. But Rachel conducts herself in a strange way. What if she knows some terrible secret about the loss of the diamond?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2540 Total words: 28000

Hard words: tongued, clouding, queen, fleshless, deceiving, pityingly, pitilessly, flatterer, unbothered, sixpence, moonstone, searchingly, thankfulness, jewellery, colourful, cheque, lord, snaky, wronged, scheming, gooseberry, housemaid, sisterly, threateningly, noiselessly, devilishly, shamefully, dissolving, dullness, telegraph.