Great Britain flag icon  The Murder at the Vicarage

 Agatha Christie

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Colonel Protheroe was not a good man. He had lots of enemies. So when he was found shot at the vicarage, many people became murder suspects. It could be his daughter Lettice who wanted to get freedom from the strict father and inherit his fortune. It could be his wife Anne Protheroe who did not love him and had an affair with somebody else. It could be her lover Lawrence Redding who did not want to share Anne with her husband. The maid of the vicar Mary was also under suspicion. Her fiance was sent to prison by the old colonel. Or maybe it was the vicar himself, as he did not even try to hide his dislike for the murdered man. The list of suspects goes on. Only Miss Marple and her understanding of human nature can help to solve this complicated crime.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1801 Total words: 34039

Hard words: pretending, sounded, gossiping, pushed, letterbox, wondering, cancelled, refused, insulted, replaced, discussed, proved, disliked, liked, sneezing, answered, grey, questioned, overheard, moved, passed, backed, bringing, staying, cleaned, undone, notepaper, worst, discovered, removed