Great Britain flag icon  The Nightingale

 Hans Andersen

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A king lived in a big and beautiful palace. His palace had a lovely garden with lots of flowers. People walked into this garden to look at the flowers. Then they went through a wood to see the sea. A nightingale lived in a tree in this wood. It sang beautifully. Every night one old man listened to its songs. Many visitors from other countries came to see the king. Even they heard this nightingale. One day the king wanted the nightingale to sing to him. The servant did not know about the bird. But he tried to find it. He went through the garden and the wood. But he found nothing. He asked other servants for help. They ran through the palace and found a little girl in the kitchen. She knew where the nightingale lived.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 300 Total words: 2164

Hard words: liked, turned, helped, opened, wanted, going, called, said, saw, beautifully, don, nicely, bang, happily, palace, fascinating, servant, lovely, ugly, cow, ill, exciting, net, found, round, noise, everywhere, english, angry, reading