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1688    199    20    9    106

It is time to remember classical literature. This book has been studied in schools for several decades. Monsieur de Renal is a mayor of a small French town. He is a rich and narcissistic man. Once he decides to take a tutor to the house. This is not necessary, but the mayor always completes with a local rich man named Mr. Valno. The eternal rival has a pair of expensive horses, so the mayor also wants changes in his own house. Julien Sorel comes to the mayor's house. This is a short fragile young man. He is only eighteen. The young man never visited school. But he knows Latin. He used to dream of becoming a soldier during Napoleonic time, but now he wants to become a priest. Julien is ready for everything for his dream. He is hospitably accepted by the mayor. Soon he starts achieving his aims.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1762 Total words: 33276

Hard words: gaoler, pretending, pushed, blamed, surrounded, attacked, refused, insulted, jacobite, practising, discussed, disliked, liked, glued, answered, grey, questioned, moved, passed, dismissed, copied, marquise, staying, cleaned, studying, ruled, carried, colourful, untruthful, worst