Great Britain flag icon  The Road to Migowi

 Ken Lipenga

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Boring work remains so in any city, on any continent of the planet. Every day is similar to the previous one. It is full of monotonous actions. If you do this kind of work all your life, it will badly affect your health. The protagonist of this story works as a conductor on the bus. For nine years he has been traveling between two cities. But it seems to him that several centuries have passed. This is the end of March. The road is wet and light rain knocking on the roof of the bus. There are more passengers than usual. This is the very end of a long rainy season. Soon, farmers will start harvesting. But all these things are of little interest for the main character. He always has one desire - to make another journey over as quickly as possible.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 488 Total words: 1560

Hard words: brownness, unmoving, talkative, raincoat, maize, fright, swinging, hardened, impersonal, endlessly, packed, schooling, rainy, continuously, answering, rude, muddy, conductor, aloud, loudly, ashamed, rising, clever, boring, crowded, transport, bicycle, calm, elder, steep, happiness.