Great Britain flag icon  The Royal Family

 Cherry Gilchrist

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The tradition of British aristocrats is more than a thousand years old. The royal family keeps a large number of ancient traditions. In fact, they themselves are part of the history. But besides, the members of the royal family are also real people with their own stories and problems. There are not only public activities. Each person also has a personal life. Even kings and queens are no exception. In this book you can learn more about the unknown side of the royal family. Why did King Edward give up his crown? Why did Princess Margaret have to say goodbye to all men she loved? And what's it like to live in a real palace for all your life? There are many interesting and even funny stories about the royalty.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1339 Total words: 10811

Hard words: queen, refused, parents, maundy, practising, discussed, corgi, liked, answered, moved, tidily, hurting, studying, ruled, carried, worked, kept, shouted, crowned, explained, held, filmed, realized, minded, worse, taught, turned, returned, sold, taken