Great Britain flag icon  The Second Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor

 Victoria Bradshaw

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This book presents another adventure of the world famous sailor and adventurer named Sinbad. It is the second tale out of seven. Sinbad was born in Baghdad. His life was full of exciting travelings. After the first voyage, he spent some time in comfort and tranquility. But very soon Sinbad got bored. The tireless sailor wanted to go into the open sea and raise the sail once more. He packed his belongings and set off for the port of Basra. There he found a good ship, ready for a long journey. Sinbad began his new long-awaited adventure. His fellow travelers were merchants who sold and bought things. Sinbad followed their example. The first several months were calm and monotonous. But then something interesting happened.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 352 Total words: 1324

Hard words: eagle, turban, waking, pleasantly, midday, packed, sunshine, voyage, bored, harbor, loudly, sailor, dome, delicious, clever, awake, waist, sail, diamond, precious, cave, snake, horizon, asleep, adventure, port, honest, smooth, round, sand, shall.