Great Britain flag icon  The Show Must Go On

 Sue Murray

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Tom and Fraser were best friends. They loved going to the theatre and watch performances together. The boys wanted to be actors. They both attended acting classes on Mondays. Fraser also liked dancing. He went to dancing classes every Saturday. Tom did not understand dancing. He liked football more. Tom was the best player in his team. One day the friends met after school. Fraser suggested Tom to go and watch the play 'Hamlet' on Saturday. A famous TV actor played Hamlet. Tom was glad. He would like to play in such a performance one day. But suddenly the boy remembered one thing. He had an important football match on Saturday. So the boy was going to have a difficult conversation with his coach.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 645 Total words: 9677

Hard words: liked, answered, moved, bringing, carried, worst, worked, glandular, lit, kept, stole, shouted, clapping, rehearsed, held, stepped, yelling, taught, turned, granddad, cheering, played, opened, bookshop, needed, stopped, wearing, hurried, fell, tried