Great Britain flag icon  The Silk

 Joy Cowley

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This item came from China. On the fabric there were a lot of beautiful images made with great skill. These were trees and mountains, the tops of which were hidden in the fog. There were waterfalls in the foam and birds with bright feathers. This fabric was too beautiful to wear or cut with scissors. It lay in the room and made it more beautiful by its presence. For many years it had been laying in a box, waiting for its time. And once the chance has come. In another autumn, Mr. Blackie fell ill. His wife understood - this was the end. They talked about this day many times and she was ready. Mrs. Blackie tried to take care of her husband until the last day. She tried to earn more to buy his favorite food and make his last days more enjoyable and comfortable.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 679 Total words: 4021

Hard words: pushed, refused, pinned, moved, bringing, cleaned, studying, crossly, picked, lit, kept, described, held, stepped, aah, touched, putting, laying, turned, returned, sold, remembered, tiredness, favourite, dressed, pulled, opened, dropped, nearer, arranged