Great Britain flag icon  The Silver Sword

 Ian Serraillier

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The plot of this novel takes place during the Second World War. This is a story of a Polish family which is unlucky enough to get into these terrible events. Their house is destroyed by a bombing. The father and the mother are arrested and sent to a concentration camp. Their three minor children, Ruth, Edek and Bronia, are left alone with danger, depression and hunger. Every day they look for some food. Soon they meet another boy named Jan, who turns out to be a talented thief. Now the children try to survive together by supporting each other. But no one knows that Jan is keeping the silver sword that these children's father once gave him. Jan knows he must never lose it. This sword will bring them luck.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1530 Total words: 18836

Hard words: stopping, pushed, hurrying, surrounded, wondering, refused, parents, cockerel, robbing, liked, answered, grey, spanner, questioned, untied, moved, passed, reaching, bringing, addressed, staying, carried, discovered, brushed, worked, rested, staring, picked, lit, kept